The kit came with the silencer and pipe components for the exhaust, but I wanted s stainless steel exhaust.  Investigations and recommendations found me a company in Maidstone that make bespoke exhausts for motor bikes.  Even though they had never made an exhaust for a car, all their bikes are single cylinder, they said they would give it a go.  After lots of discussions with Craig and Darren a price was agreed and a date of 10th January 2009 was pencilled in the diary.

Andy on the Kent Hoodies web site was kind enough to lend me his trailer and a mate of my son offered to tow the kit as he was the only one with a tow bar.

Morning of 10th, freezing cold, frosty and very slippery.

Andy had delivered the trailer the previous evening, I had stripped anything off the hood that wasn’t permanently fixed and might fall off, and we were ready to load the hood.


No problems, car went on OK, hitched up to Rob’s Tourag but then discovered that the trailer’s electrics had the old style 7 pin plug and Rob’s VW had the new European 13 pin plug.  No time to waste, quick dash down to the local Caravan & Camping shop for an adaptor, returned, fitted and on our way.

Arrived without incident and unloaded the hood into the workshop. Darren didn’t want us looking over his shoulder so we departed and awaited his call to say all was done.



Well you can see by the results that Darren had made a good job and I was very pleased.


If you are still reading on hoping to make a note of where Darren works so that you you can give him a call to get your exhaust done, forget it. The look of horror on his face when I said I would recommend him to fellow hoodies was a picture, I wont print the exact words that he used but suffice to say that he doesn’t ever want to do one again, it was a massive headache, an absolute pain. Craig had dropped him right in it, so my thanks to Darren, and as promised no mention of where you work.

To help with reducing the heat under the bonnet and also for appearance, I had the exhaust pipes ceramic coated by Camcoat of Warrington. I chose black as the colour for the pipes as I am planning on spraying the car white with black wheels, black windscreen surround and the mudguards in black as well.

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