45mm of twin weber sucky goodness

 I’m using a Filter King pressure regulator and filter, the pressure should be set at 3 to 3.5 psi for my set up.

I purchased a pressure gauge which can be placed in the plug in the regulator or inline to the carbs after the regulator. I chose to place mine just before the carbs as due to limited space I couldn’t fit it on the regulator. The gauge is only fitted temporarily for setting up and once the correct pressure is set then the gauge should be removed.

To set the pressure I removed the domed nut on the top of the regulator, loosened off the locking nut and adjusted the screw on the top until the correct pressure is achieved.

                Filter King        Adjusting screw          Pressure Gauge

 Started up the engine to balance the carbs, even though the carbs are brand new the jets were blocked and filthy, stripped down, and cleaned out, need some Wurth brake cleaner to clean the jets and bowl. Apparently brake cleaner is better than carb cleaner as it evaporates and does not leave a residue.

Update, a friend of mine dropped by to help with the carbs and said 3 to 3.5psi for the fuel pressure seems very high, we lowered this to 2.75psi and it did run better, even before cleaning the jets.

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