Having now passed the IVA and with my IAC firmly in my hand the next stage is to apply to have the car registered.

I required form V55/5 this is ‘Application for first tax and registration of a used motor vehicle’

In my case I had used a new kit and parts from one donor vehicle.

As I understand it if you purchase a new kit with all new components you need to complete form V55/4  ‘Application for first vehicle tax and registration of a new motor vehicle’

Both of these forms need to be applied for and cannot be downloaded on line as they are carbon impregnated and have filing holes in the sheet.

I also applied for a V355/5  which details how to complete the form.

You can apply for the forms on line and they are posted out very quickly.

As well as the completed  V55 I needed to include the following with the application;

V627/1 ‘Built up Vehicle Report’, vital for me to show that all the components came from one donor vehicle.

A copy of my driving license or a utility bill showing my name and address to confirm that I am who I say I am.

The original IAC pass certificate, keep a copy for yourself.

Cover note for the insurance, I wasn’t sure from the wording if this was necessary but thought it best to include it.

The V5 for the donor vehicle.

Copy of the receipt for the purchase of the donor vehicle

Pictures of the donor vehicle and the completed kit.

And of course more money, a cheque for £285.00 being the registration fee of £55 plus the first years tax of £235.00

Then sit back and wait, and 6 weeks later I received a V5C for the Robin Hood with an H age related registration number, exactly what I wanted.

The next stage was to apply to have my personal plate, which I had on retention, transferred to my kit.

So back goes the V5C along with the on retention certificate and within 2 weeks back came a new V5C this time for my Robin Hood with the registration H15 KYT, sorted.

So the car is now on the road correctly registered, taxed and insured and great fun to drive.

Is this the end, no way, have already started planning some alterations and upgrades, first was the steering wheel, next is wet weather gear, the list can go on.

Please note this is my interpretation of the IVA and registration process, please confirm for your self that you are completing the forms correctly and do not just rely on my web site.

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