We are still building this site but please feel free to browse over what we have done to date.

The site is a record of our trials and tribulations while building our ‘Hood’. Hopefully it might help others with snippets of information and tips which may just answer that awkward question.  As you progress through our build you will soon appreciate that this is not a conventional kit car where you have an instruction book with the build stages clearly laid out, photographs showing which part bolts onto where and then taking you to the next stage.  All I got was a Robin Hood video which does not even relate to the model I bought and even then it decides to miss out great big sections of the build. Robin Hood was recently bought by Great British Sport Cars so I am sure that this has now all been rectified, in fact they don’t manufacture the 2B kit anymore. They, GBS,  now produce the Zero kit and apparently it’s a dream,  well worth the investment but it wasn’t available when I bought my 2B. However what you do get with the Robin Hood is the support and friendship of the Robin Hood Owners Club, a great bunch of guys who all appreciate what you are going through and are there to help. My thanks must also go to Colin Usher who has documented and logged his build on his web site,   without his build manual and his invaluable experience and solutions to problems I wouldn’t have got this far.

I soon learnt that you don’t bolt anything on permanently until you are sure it won’t have to come off again, the build sequence is down to you and I have had to take parts off 3 or 4 times to allow me to get to the bit behind it. Having said that it is a really enjoyable build, having to think how to design the bracket to hold the bit and then how to fit it.

herne Bay 012 (2)

If you do decide to build a Robin Hood then good luck and welcome to the world of the ‘Hoodies’

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