Work Area

Next task was to turn my garage from a rubbish store into a proper workshop.

The "Before" shot

I’m fortunate that I have a double garage but like most garages mine was a mish mash of stuff stored over 23 years. It proved very difficult to throw away things that may come in handy one day, but needs must.

The "After" Shot

Once I had overcome this obstacle I then turned my attentions to equipping the work area.

An engine hoist was an obvious first choice and the thought was that I could always get my money back on it once the project was finally finished, so in truth I would have the hoist for ever.

A pillar drill, bench grinder, good set of Halfords professional ratchet spanners were just a few of my investments, my family were delighted they had no problems sorting birthday and Christmas presents for a long time to come. I already had a good solid workbench and substantial engineers vice.

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