Fuel Tank, Pump & Boot

The kit came with a Sierra fuel tank which is supposed to fit in the rear of the chassis and one corner protrudes into the cock pit. This to me was not an option, I wanted a boot and couldn’t accept the Robin Hood way of using the Sierra tank. I sourced a tank from an engineering works in Peterborough, it fitted in well but I had to design andĀ fabricate brackets to hold the tank in place.

Out with the Mig welder and I fabricated the frame that now holds the tank in position, it sits snugly into theĀ frame and is held firm by 4 threaded rods, The frame is bolted to the chassis which makes the whole thing very secure. I also included a mounting for the silver top facet fuel pump.

Once I was happy that the fuel tank and pump were nicely in place I turned my attention to the boot.

I planned that once fitted it would be easy to remove to gain access to the pump or hand brake adjustment and coil overs.

I used aluminium angle bolted to the chassis using exhaust clamps to avoid drilling the chassis

I chose 18mm ply which I cut to size.

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