Bulkhead & Scuttle

I originally intended to use the battery from the donor car as it was quite new, however once I had placed it on the bulkhead shelf it looked a bit over sized.

So I then looked at the option of using a smaller battey, purely for the sake of appearance, I decided on the Varley Red Top, it is smaller than the standard car battery and fitted in much nicer than the full size battery whilst still giving the required power output. 

Next task was how to secure it, I didn’t want to hide the battery with unsightly brackets, but wanted it to be on show. I designed a base and bracket to hold the battery in place, bent some mild steel angle into a rectangle for the base and for the straps welded retaining brackets with a strap over, then painted black.

The final overall appearance I am very peased with and most importantly it holds the battery very secure.

Job done, now move on to the next job.

Foot note: Dec 09 if you are looking at the rather unsightly ply bulkhead, this will eventually be sealed and then covered with a carbon fibre effect laminate.

Update Jan 2010 Snowing quite heavily outside and blisteringley cold so far too cold to work in the garage even with heating, so looked for a job I could do in the kitchen, no not the washing up.

As said above the bulkhead is to be covered in a carbon effect laminate, this was cut to shape and glued onto the bulkhead.

 The finish is still covered in a protective film so will look much nicer when this is finally removed. The slot where the steering arm goes through the bulkhead needs to be covered to seal and protect the interior from the exterior.

 This was accomplished by making a paper template in the shape of a wedge and offered up to the bulkhead.

Once I was satisfied that it fitted I then transferred the template onto a sheet of 0.5mm ali sheet and cut out with tin snips. The plate was then bent by placing between steel bars and bent to shape.


The finished cowl fitted perfectly, not sure at the moment if I will leave it metal shiny finish or powder coat it black.

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