Vinyl Wrap

We finally got to the stage where we felt we would like to colour the front cycle wings, rear mudguards and nosecone.

Decided on Vinyl Wrap, watched all the videos on You Tube, looks dead simple, what can go wrong. We measured how much we thought we would need and  I bought the Vinyl from a local supplier called Star Vinyls.

Bought 3 metres of Black carbon Fibre, looks great, textured finish, very realistic, couldn’t wait to have a go.

Bl**dy hell it is difficult, god only knows how the guys on You Tube manage it, mind you they were using 3M which is literally 3 times the price of the wrap I bought. Completely messed up my first go and runied the vinyl, got totally disheartened and was on the point of throwing the cycle wing across the room.

Enter my wife to calm me down, she had covered the dash for me and understands about the laying of fabric, she worked in London many years ago as a couturier (posh dress maker)but there is no way she could make this stuff look good.
What a star, took her 2 1/2 hours, with me helping by holding the hair dryer and achieved a near perfect result, no I will say virtually perfect.

We have now had a go at the second cycle wing, equal result, next weekend the rear mudguards.
Decided on giving the nose cone a try as I didn’t want to take the rear panels off yet to get to the rear mudguards.

If any one tells you Vinyl wrap is easy, don’t believe them, it is not.

The nose cone was a nightmare, there are too many different angles and curves to go around, if you play with the vinyl too much or use too much heat then it loses its sticky.

Not happy with the result for the nose cone, only advantage is the colour matches the front cycle wings and it will look a bit tidier when the hood goes for its IVA but once that is eventually passed then I think I will save up all my Christma and Birthday money and get it done professionally.

However the result from a distance in the dark is very acceptable.

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