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Next problem, which one? I quickly settled on a 7 clone, that was the easy bit, but there are a lot of kits out there to choose from.
I visited the Detling Kit Car Show in March 2006, quite handy really as it is only a few miles from where I live. I looked at the Westfield owners cars proudly on display and chatted to the guys there showing their cars, they really do look good.

I then moved on to the Caterham display, realised what type of money we were talking about and kept walking, maybe one day.


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I ended up on the Robin Hood Owners Club Stand, what’s with these guys? everyone of them told me how difficult it was to build, how the ‘instruction’ video was unbelievably bad, in fact to call the video amateurish was an insult to amateurs, how nothing fitted, why does the kit come with holes drilled in the wrong place when it would be just as easy to drill the holes in the right place, but they were so enthusiastic about their cars.
Funny thing though I spent a hell of a lot of time talking to these ‘Hoodies’. Every car was different; each builder had interpreted how it should be done in a different way. This really appealed to me; I wanted something bespoke that I could put my mark on.
Decision made, inspite of everyone saying it wont be easy, especially the Hoodies, I came away from the show determined to buy a Robin Hood 2B plus.

As I mentioned on the previous page, Robin Hood has been bought by Great British Sports cars and they currently produce the Zero. I saw  the Zero at the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show in May 2011 and what a nice car, GBS have obviously given the Zero a lot of thought and ironed out all the niggles of previous models and come up with a very nice kit which looks good and is also very price competitive, well done GBS.

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