Buying the kit

I was told that most Robin Hoods are not completed by the person who first bought the kit, I now understand why, so onto ebay, and to cut a long story short bought a virtually new complete kit from a guy in Wales. He was a second year automotive engineering student at the Swansea Institute and had bought the kit as part of his project work. He was examining every aspect of its chasis and suspension, subject the basic information to computer analysis and carry out a thorough testing programme to prove the dynamic efficiency of the car. However circumstances changed and advanced a lot quicker than he expected and he was forced to sell the kit.  His project and my kit were actually featured in the May 2006 Kit Car magazine.
Next hurdle, Wales is a long way from Kent, not a problem, hired a long wheel base Ford Luton van and with my 2 boys we set off to Wales one Saturday afternoon. This was when we realised why this van was cheaper to hire than all the other quotes we got, top speed of 50mph, down hill, and this was without the kit in the back, and it used up diesel only marginally quicker than it used up oil.
We planned to stop over in Worcester at a friend’s house on the Saturday night and then to set off again Sunday morning.

We arrived at lunch time, loaded the kit onto the van, paid our dues and set off arriving home late Sunday evening. The proud owners of a Robin Hood 2B Plus.CIMG16

A bonus was that the seller had also bought and stripped down a Sierra so I had two sets of donor components. You’ve guessed it back onto ebay to sell the excess bits, all helps with the budget.