19th Sept 2015 – Received new V5 for H15 KYT

17th Sept 2015 – Sent off application to DVLA to transfer my personal plate to the Hood

16th Sept 2015 – Received from DVLA the V5c for the Robin Hood with an age related plate

20th August 2015 – Sent to DVLA Form V55/5 Application for first vehicle tax and registration of a used motor vehicle

19th August 2015 – IVA Retest – PASS

17th July 2015 –  Repositioned Seal belt anchorage points

10th July 2015 –     IVA Test, failed on 4 points

1st July 2015 – Fitted Double Wishbone Handling Pack to improve self centering

8th May 2015 – Sent off  IVA 1C Form Application for Individual Vehicle Approval

18th February 2015 – Rolling Road Set Up

2nd July 2011 – Finished windscreen surround and pillars, painted black & fitted

19th June 2011 – Fathers Day present, a pair of black headlamps.

12th February 2011 – Fitted back panel and centre extension piece.

10th January 2011 – Centre console nearing completion, now must work out how to do the speedo pod.

3rd January 2011 – Helped my wife in the kitchen, covering the dashboard, looking good but still alot of work needed.

11th December 2010 – Welded seat belt mounts and captive nuts in position.
15th November 2010 – Tried to balance carbs, no luck even though they are brand new jets were blocked and filthy.  Clean out and try again.
21st September 2010 Collected the exhaust pipe from Camcoat of Warrington, they have done a good job.
7th September 2010 Started to fit the rear mudguards, offered them up to the chassis, will fit eventually but not going to be easy, a lot of cutting of the side panels is required.

4th September 2010 Collected my new alloys from Rochford and the garage put my new Yokohama tyres on the rims, exactly the look we wanted, well pleased.

1st September 2010 – My son Gary took the exhaust to Camcoat in Warrington to get it Ceramic coated, helps to reduce heat output and looks good in matt black.

21st August 2010 – Made cowling for heater to conform with IVA regs not to cause injury if hot pipe should be touched. !

14th August 2010 – Bought 2 rear mudguards on ebay, off an S7, only wanted the mudguards but came with nose cone, 2 cycle wings and rear panel.

10th August 2010 – Ordered the Alloy wheels from Rochford Tyres in Southend, 5 No. Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 in Matt Black.

4th August 2010 – Ordered the seat runners for the Cobra seats.

22nd July 2010– Due to other commitments not a lot has been done on the hood since Christmas. However I am now determined to press on and see some progress.

23rd September 2006– Collected kit .

11th August 2006 – Won the auction on ebay for Sierra donor car.