Like most other kits the Robin Hood uses Sierra running gear, so onto ebay to see what was available.

Lots with no MOT or tax, not a problem as a donor, but hiring a trailer to get it home was going to add to my costs, so I decided to be patient and wait for one to come up with tax and MOT.

Didn’t have to wait long, and on the 11th August 2006 I won the auction for a 1991 H reg, Ford Sierra LX with tax and MOT so I could drive it home, I arranged a couple of days insurance, drove to Colchester with my wife, and I drove the Sierra home.

Not bad for a winning bid of £155 plus I claimed back the road tax of £62.00

Picking up the donor car

It did overheat on the journey home, but the gearbox worked fine and the transmission was not noisey at all.
Stripping the car down was great fun, the underside was in remarkably good condition especially the rear wishbones and Dion tube as was the gearbox and diff.

Not long to live!

Stripped the shell down completely, even though we didn’t have to, great fun, kept all the bits.

Bye bye Sierra

The local breakers yard gave me £30 to take away the shell, no wheels on it, nothing!

New shelving that I had built in the garage stored all the parts and many hours of cleaning and painting brought the rear subframe and dion tube up to nearly new.

Lots of degreasant on the gearbox got rid of 17 years of dirt and grime.

Bits not needed were sold on ebay, got a really good feedback score now!!

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