Windscreen & Wipers

The fitting of the surround to the windscreen is covered quite extensively on the Robin Hood videos, but again it is not quite as straight forward as you would hope.

The bottom rail of the screen does not have the same curvature as the scuttle, so there is a massive gap between the bottom of the screen and the top of the scuttle.

Also I did not like the windscreen pillar supports that were supplied with the kit so opted to buy a couple of Westfield ones complete with mirrors, yes on ebay, feed back getting really good now.

The Westfield pillars needed quite a bit of adapting to fit the scuttle and for the windscreen frame to fit into the channel, once I am happy with the position I will either paint them black or get them powder coated, I am going for the black look so am now trying to source black wiper arms and blades, without paying the Westfield price. As you can see from the picture on the right I intend filling the gap between the scuttle and the windscreen with a plate, I have made a cardboard template which I will use on the metal plate to get the correct size, this again will be painted black.

Update July 2011 – Now formed the pillars to sit nicely against the body work. I achieved this by fitting them in the correct position and placing cling film between the body and the support. I then built up by forcing resin filler between the 2 surfaces, the cling fim stopping the filler sticking to the body but allowing it to take the shape. Once set I removed and filed to shape.

Once I was satisfied that it all fitted I cut the bottom panel to shape, sprayed with an undercoat, then 2 top coats and fitted a rubber trim to the bottom and then superglued it to the windscreen frame.

Once I had the screen and pillars in place I then had to refit the wing mirrors. Unfortunately they did not now lie straight and there was not enough adjustment in them to make them level. I over came this by making a wedge and placing it between the mirror and the pillar, this cured the problem. I will do the same for the nearside then paint them and final fit.

At this point I became aware that my windscreen did not conform to the current regulations, it was a toughened screen and not laminated.

The new regulations are for a Laminated screen so I had to purchase and fit a new one.

I bought the new screen from Karl Copping for £115 delivered including VAT. I sent him a template and by return he sent me a new screen correctly marked.

Very pleased with his service email

By fitting a screen you must comply with the IVA regs that you have a demister for the screen.

The regs state:

1. The vehicle must be fitted with a system capable of defrosting/demisting the windscreen.

and of the heater

2.Must present no obvious injury risk (e.g. likelihood of users touching a very hot surface or water pipes.

I have used a heater from a Mini and adapted this.

Once I had fitted it I was made aware of the IVA regulation above about the hot pipes so have made a couling to protect the passengers legs, sensible as it is likely my wife will be the passenger.

I started by making a cardboard template to enclose the heater pipes, then I marked the template onto a piece of stainless steel and cut with tin snips.

I then formed the st steel using clamps and a steel bar to get the shape I wanted.

To ensure adequate air flow I cut a hole in the side and fitted ducting to feed the fan, job done.

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